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Spring Plunger Installation Information

Most of our spring plungers can be installed using a screwdriver, hex key wrench or spring/ball plunger wrench. Be aware that the recommended tool for installation is a spring/ball plunger wrench, because a screwdriver can over compress the spring and cause alteration or damage to the end force of the spring plunger.

Nearly all Hand Retractable Spring Plungers can be installed by using the knob to engage the threads or by using a wrench on the hex flats on the plunger body.

Warning: spring plunger bodies are hollow, so the maximum installation torque able to be withstood is significantly less than for bolts or screws. The following table should be used as a guideline for installation:

Unified Thread Size
Metric Thread Size
Max. Installation Torque (inch Pounds)
No. 4
M 2.5 x 0.45
No. 5
M 3 x 0.5
No. 6
M 3.5 x 0.6-6g
No. 8
M 4 x 0.7-6g
No. 10
M 5 x 0.8-6g
M 6 x 1-6g
M 8 x 1.25
M 10 x 1.5
M 11 x 1.5
M 12 x 1.75
M 14 x 2.0
M 16 x 2.0
M 20 x 2.5
M 22 x 2.5
M 24 x 3.0
M 30 x 3.5
M 33 x 3.5

All threaded spring plungers can be ordered with or without a nylon thread-locking element. To order any spring plunger part number without a locking element, just add an “X” the end of the part number. For example, a 52805 ball plunger comes with a nylon-locking element and a 52805X ball plunger comes without a nylon locking element.

During installation, the nylon-locking element forces the threads on the opposite side of the spring plunger to compress against the mating threads of a tapped hole, providing the thread locking property. This nylon-locking element can cause installation problems when installing into softer metals or aluminum. To prevent this problem, use a larger tap drill when tapping, order a spring plunger without a locking element, or request a quote for a special spring plunger that will better fit your application.

When installing spring plungers with a nylon thread locking element pellet (thread sizes ¼ “ and larger or M8 and larger), we recommend that the tapped installation hole be countersunk 90° by 1/32 larger than major thread diameter to prevent damage to the locking element.

Locking Element Information

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Locking Element Information
Locking Element Information

The purpose of the nylon-locking element is to hold the spring plunger’s body in a fixed position to ensure desired holding capacity.

Spring plungers with a thread size of ¼” and larger or M8 and larger have a nylon pellet thread locking element. Those smaller than ¼” or M8 thread have a nylon patch.

The nylon pellet form of locking element is embedded in the thread of the plunger body. When installed, the thread of the tapped hole cuts into the nylon pellet holding the plunger in place. With the pellet type-locking element, it is possible to uninstall a spring plunger and reuse it because of the durability of the nylon pellet. However, beware that when installing a spring plunger with a nylon pellet into softer metals or aluminum it could cause difficulty with the installation or even damage to the tapped hole. To prevent this problem you may need to use a larger tap drill when tapping, order a plunger without a locking element or visit or Technical Help Page to contact us regarding your application.

The nylon patch form of locking element is a coating that is applied has been applied to a small a section of the spring plunger threads. This type of locking element is actually a chemical reaction that bonds the thread of the spring plunger to the thread of the tapped hole upon being installed.

All of our threaded spring plungers can be ordered with or without a nylon thread locking element. Spring plungers without locking element have the same part number as those with a locking element, only with an “X” added to the end of the number. For example, 52805 is with locking element, while 52805X is without locking element.

Technical Help

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Technical Help
Technical Help

Products on springplungers.com are manufactured by TE-CO. If you have a questions, require more information regarding a product or need additional pricing information, please call 1-800-543-4071 and a TE-CO customer service representative will be glad to assist you. You can also contact us by email at technical@springplungers.com or sales@springplungers.com.

If you require a large quantity of plungers, please contact us at 1-800-543-4071 or by email at sales@springplungers.com.

RoHS Compliance

For companies affected by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), the directive by the European Union to restrict certain materials and platings such as lead, cadmium & hexavalent chromium, springplungers.com will provide a quote for compliant parts upon request.

If you have a concern regarding whether or not a standard spring plunger part number is RoHS Compliant, contact us for more information.

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